Financial Products

Life Insurance :

Mission of agent to prospects:

Medical plan: 1.5 million hospitalization fund 

PruMillion Med (Annual Limit RM1.38 Million -RM1.98Million, No Life Time Limit)
PruValue Med ( No Annual Limit, Life Time Limit RM1 Million/1.5 Million/2 Million)
PruSenior Med (No Annual Limit, Lifetime Limit RM225K)

Critical Illness plan: 5X Annual Income Average

43 Type Critical Illness /160 Type Critical Illness TMCC (End Stage, Early & Intermediate Stage)
PruCancer X (Pay for Treatment, Loss of Income, Caretaker, Alternative Treatment; From RM250k-RM2 Million plan)
PruLady (Female related illness, pregnancy complication, child congenital illness, life stage benefit ie married, child birth, buy property, retirement, death of spouse)

Education Plan (10% Income save for children education fund)

PruWith You plan (Whole life cover till age 100, flexibility to withdraw money when child needs pay higher education fund)
PruCash Plan (Savings plan of 20/30/40/50 years payment and maturity option at age 70 maximum)
PruCash Double Reward Plan (Option of 10 years limited payment 20 years maturity for child educator fund support)

Retirement Plan: Long Term Care Fund

PruWith You Plan ( Whole life cover till age 100, flexibility to withdraw money at retirement age)
PruWealth Plus / PruWealth Max ( High protection at least RM500k, with flexibility to withdraw money at retirement age; limited payment option of 5 /10/20 years)
PruCash/PruCash Double Reward (Can tailor made for retirement at age of choice)